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from the sacramento area. the "los angeles times" reports that senate leader and assembly speaker will accept their pay raises because it was approved by a citizen's compensation panel. leyla gulen? >> this is status quo and all lanes are blocked off. eastbound i-80 eastbound there is lots of activity with c.h.p. on the scene because of a fatal accident, a pedestrian was hit on the freeway and eastbound i-80 at 7th all lanes have been blocked off so if you are making the drive to the san francisco skyway we will have alternates. southbound 101 to eastbound i-80 is shut down until further notice. the traffic is snarled coming up 101 to i-80 if you are headed away from 280 we will have stopped traffic. take 280, it lieds you to king street. this crash in san jose is affecting traffic northbound 85. one lane is blocked. today, this is san rafael, chilly out this. santa rosa has 40 degrees. 38 in napa. los gatos is lower to mid-40's and 38 in gilroy. no cloud cover is what is making the temperatures cooler. cooler, still, neck -- next week. twinkling lights, clear, and poor air qualit
. three democrats are among those including one from sacramento. the "los angeles times" reports senate leader and asimply -- assembly worker will accept their pay. >> most people are shopping, san francisco mayor lee is hopping to the other side of the word. he flies out of san francisco today to led a group of 50 local business executives on a trade mission to india. they are head the to bangalore which is major business opportunities for local companies representing several industries including construction, engineers health care and technology. >> we will check with leyla gulen with the weather and traffic this morning. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great thanksgiving day. this is from the east bay hills camera, you can see how clear it is. very calm. mild. light wind. the breeze is five miles per hour. sfo is great for flying. we do not have flight delays holly or across the country. good news if you are leaving the area. 37 in napa. 40 at fairfield. mid-40's in los gatos. freezing next week. a nice weekend, though, ahead, with warm conditions and mild and that is going
similar to this picket line in los angeles. there is an organization for 3:00 demonstration part of an effort to organize associates at the biggest retailer. >> an illinois liver -- police officer was branchly hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. this began with reports of two men stealing clothes from a koll's department store. the suspect was chased where the driver ignored orders to stop. an officer was tangled in the car and was dragged. >> westbound 80 is open after a man was hit and killed this morning when c.h.p. received a report of a disabled vehicle in the fast lane at 12:30. the driver of the car tried to run to the shoulder and hit by one vehicle. the driver dried at seen. westbound lanes were closed for an hour and a half. >> santa rosa police are searching to men responsible for a violent home invasion robbery. self armed men entered the house and held a family including a six-year old boy at gunpoint. a man was severely beaten. this happened tuesday afternoon. it is believed the robbers looked for marijuana and cash. the victi
like partying inside a plane and need your own zoo. >>> good monday morning. we begin in los angeles, where investigators are piecing together the puzzle. why a gunman would hunt down tsa agents with deadly intent. >> this morning, that suspect himself is in critical condition, unable to answer questions, as we're learning new details about his movements just before the attack. abc news learned that it was paul ciancia's roommate who dropped him off at the airport on friday thinking he had to catch a flight. instead, he's thought to have walked up to the tsa checkpoint, pulling an assault rifle from his bag, killing tsa agent gerardo hernandez and injuring more. passengers and others ran for cover. >> on the floor, now, on the floor! >> reporter: and teacher brian ludmer was one of those shot. his boss said he had a long road ahead of him. >> his spirits are up. he's still traumatized by all of it, like all of us trying to get our arms around this. >> reporter: meanwhile, a clearer picture of the suspect is emerging. a family friend saying he took it hard when his mother died in 2009
like the one at the los angeles airport. there's no indication such an attack is imminent. meanwhile, the tsa officer who survived two gunshot wounds is telling his story. tony grigsby leaned on a cane while he spoke outside his home. >> all i could think about was, helping them. i'm injured right now. but the concern is really to take care of you. you know where the gunman is at. i like to make sure that people are safe first. >> the other wounded tsa officer has been released from the hospital. the condition of the high school teacher, who was shot in the calf, has been upgraded from fair to good. the shooting suspect remains unconscious in the hospital. and his relatives have offered sympathy to the victims of that shooting. >>> meanwhile, new this morning, an airport scare of a different kind in montreal. a conveyor belt used for loading baggage burst into flames, leaving seven people slightly injured. the plane was a moroccan jet which had just touched down. the fire triggered the evacuation of that plane. that's when people were hurt. several people suffered smoke inhalation an
in the attack at the los angeles airport describing the terrifying experience. brian ludmer recovering from a bullet that shattered in his leg. he was headed to chicago for a wedding when he was shot from behind. he dragged himself along the floor and hid in the closet, fearing he would bleed to death. >> the feeling of relief after hearing the voices and peeking out and seeing i was, in fact, police, was -- i can't even describe. and then, they pulled me out. they found a wheelchair. one of the wheelchairs that people use in the airports for passengers. they found that. brought it over. pulled me into it. and ran me out of there. the two of them escorted me out. yeah. at a run. >> students held a walkout and a rally against gun violence. and ludmer says he doesn't see why anyone would need a gun like the one that was used to hurt him. >>> the last of four inmates who escaped an oklahoma jail by climbing through a trap door above a shower has been captured. the two men considered armed and dangerous were taken into custody not far from the jail. the facility was built just last year. it onl
hear something. >> reporter: in los angeles overnight, california families welcomed home storm survivors back to the u.s. >> i was scared. i thought, i'm not coming back. >> i appreciate family that's still over there. and the ones we have here. that's really all we have. >> it's good. i miss them so much. >> reporter: back in the philippines, just when it seemed things couldn't get any worse, a new, far weaker tropical storm made landfall. and word this morning of a small earthquake. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >>> and back here, now. a north carolina man has been charged with attempting to help an al qaeda-linked group in syria. basit sheikh is alleged to have posted messages on facebook and communicated with an fbi informant about his plans to join a group the u.s. considers terrorists. now, he was arrested at the airport just before leaving for the region. >>> in other news this morning, the son of oklahoma senator jim inhofe has been killed in a plane crash. dr. perry inhofe, an orthopedic surgery was piloting the aircraft. that plane did crash
in minneapolis, denver, los angeles, salt lake city, kansas city and dallas. >>> faa investigators are getting work this morning looking into the somewhat bizarre reason for an emergency landing. >> a jetblue flight from ft. myers, florida, to boston, had to land after an evacuation slide deployed inside the cabin. one passenger said the slide pinned a flight attendant into a small area at the front of the plane. >> all of a sudden, there was a big noise. and then, it blew up, like, you know? it was the -- scary. a little scary. >> the flight attendant closest to the slide suffered only minor injuries. none of the other 77 people onboard were hurt. another plane was used to complete the passengers' journey. >>> new rules requiring seat belts for all those onboard large buses are being put into place. the government says beginning in november 2016, all big buses must have lap and shoulder belts for each passenger and the driver. that does not include school or transit buses. the new rules come after a number of accidents, some of them fatal, involving intercity buses. the seat belts could reduc
was only an accident. >>> the los angeles area hot sauce plant at the center of a controversy has been ordered to partially close. neighbors had complained that the smell around the sriracha plant was making them sick. the maker had argued there was no reason to close the plant now because harvest season for red-hot jalapeno peppers is over, the key ingredient. the ruling won't affect this year's supply of the popular sauce. >>> bombshell allegations against celebrity chef nigella lawson, months after her high-profile divorce. an e-mail from lawson's billionaire ex-husband, charles saatchi, said that lawson was so high on drugs that she allowed their two personal assistants to spend whatever they wanted. those assistants are now on trial for spending nearly $500,000 of the couple's money on themselves. they say lawson used cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs daily during her ten-year marriage, a claim she denies. >>> less than two months after its debut, alec baldwin's new talk show, no more. msnbc suspended "up late with alec baldwin" for two weeks, after he used an anti-gay slu
, a lot, devin. >>> in other news this morning, a los angeles area hostage situation has now ended with the gunman's surrender. authorities say the mother and her 14-year-old daughter who had been held for nine hours are now safe. when police first arrived at the scene, the gunman opened fire, hitting one officer in the chest. his protective vest saved his life. >>> police in arizona are pouring over new evidence in that house where three sisters were held captive for years. and they have a journal that was kept by one of the oldest girls. the girls were discovered tuesday when two of the sisters escaped out of a window and ran to a neighbor's home. tucson police say the girls were held by their mother and stepfather. that house, by the way, was set up to ensure that the victims were always kept apart. >> the hallways were shielded. it was kind of like a tunnel, that they would build with sheets and partitions to take them directly to the bathroom and back. there's a sense of isolation and loneliness that was established for these girls. >> police say the older girl's journal conta
. this is los angeles "sportscenter" set. >> thursday night football. bengals and dolphins. first quarter, lamar miller up the middle. geno atkins, the standout defensive tackle, for the bengals. all-pro, torn acl. done for the season. 16 seconds to go. dolphins down three. caleb sturgis from 44 yards out. dolphins tie it at 20-20. they go to overtime. the third nfl game in history to end on an overtime safety. miami by two. >>> bulls at home for the first time. derrick rose back home for the first time in a long time. and he's still got game. final 11 seconds. the bulls have missed their last nine shots. and rose was just 6 of 22 before hitting that. it proves to be the game-winner. bulls, 82-81. >> that's going to be a really exciting season in the nba. >> i wish we had more time to talk about it. >> but we don't. >> we don't. >>> good morning, america. >> thank you, guys. >>> some incredible coordination and more than a little intestinal fortitude makes this our "play of the day." it involves a skydiver named katie hanson. >> this is the video from her helmet cam. maybe you can see that movin
. shoppers. can expect to see something similar to this picket line if los angeles organizing a 3:00 demonstration. the group is part of a larger national effort to organize associated at the biggest retailer. >> illinois liver was beforely hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. another officer shot and wounded the driver ending the incident that started with reports of to men steals clothes from a kohl's. officers chased the suspects it a waiting car where the driver ignored orders to stop. an officer was tangled up in the car and dragged. all three suspects are in custody. >> all lanes of westbound 80 are open after a man was hit and killed on the freeway at 12:30 when c.h.p. received reports of a disabled vehicle in the fast lane. the driver tried to run across the freeway to the right shoulder but was hit by one vehicle. firefighters say he died at the scene. c.h.p. closed the westbound lanes for an hour and a half to investigate the scene. >> santa rosa police are searching to men responsible for a violent home invasion robbery. several ar
similar to this pick the line if los angeles and the east bay apply an is organizing a 3:00 p.m. demonstration and is part of a larger national effort to organize associates as the biggest retailer. >> an illinois police officer was hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. another officer shot and wounded the driver bringing this incident to an end. there were reports of two men stealing clothes from a department store. the officers chased the suspects to the store where the driver ignored orders to stop the an officer was dragged. all three suspects are in custody. >> santa rosa police senator for men responsible for a violent whom invasion robbery. several armed men entered the louse and held a familiar including a six-year old boy at gunpoint. a hand was severely beaten on tuesday afternoon. it is believed they were looking for marijuana and cash. >> in san jose, detectives are investigating a fatal police shooting. the man was shot, was a stabbing suspect would tried to ram an officer with a stolen car. it started at a home yesterday morn
friends at espn. >> good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. that's neil everett. i'm stan verrett. just one unbeaten team left in the nba on wednesday. >> the pacers may go 82-0. that would be something else. first, they had to go 5-0 and beat chicago. and derrick rose. derrick rose was good in the first half. had 12 in the first half. finished with 17. turned it over a bit in the second half. this was a game of runs. that was rose running around. and then, hitting the shot. paul george, our george karl, he's seen some players. he thinks that paul george, top-seven in the nba. he is starting at top-five. george had 21. lance stephenson had 15 in the second half. pacers, 5-0. 97-80. >>> mavericks and thunder from oklahoma city. second quarter. thunder up three. russell westbrook, splits the "d" and finishes. thunder up by five. kevin durant. he had 23 points. he also hooked up his teammates. he had ten assists, as well. and westbrook, i'd say he's okay. had an injury in the playoffs last year. second game back. thunder win it, 107-93. oklahoma city,
get the highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" studios in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. big night in college football on thursday. the headliner, oregon and stanford. from the farm in palo alto. oregon came in number three in the bcs. stanford, number five. kevin hogan, get in there. 8 carries, 57 yards for him. tyler gaffney did most of the work. 45 carries, a school record, 157 yards. marcus mariota, for a 12-yard touchdown. oregon cut it to a six-point game. oregon trailed 26-0, at one point. a couple of passes late for mariota, the heisman candidate. after oregon recovered one onside kick, they couldn't get the other one. stanford hangs on to win, 26-20. >>> from the nfl, redskins and vikings. cris carter being honored by the vikings for his hall of fame induction. christian ponder, scrambles. lands awkward on his left harm. left the game with a dislocated left shoulder. he did not return. next play, though, adrian peterson, how easy is that? 75 yards for a touchdown. 28-27, vikings. it came down to this. fourth and goal for the redskins. f
are closed today. no mail delivery. but the new york stock exchange is open as are some banks. >>> los angeles got an early start holding the veterans day parade yesterday. bands and spectators turned out to honor all the vets. ♪ >>> all right, that was the sound of san francisco, as thousands gathered along market street. this yoear's parade marked 60 years since the end of the korean war. >>> turning to today's weather. it will be sunny and dry in the south. light snow from montana, northeast wyoming, showers for parts of washington, oregon, and northwest california. >> it will feel like winter in the upper mid west. temperatures up to 20 degrees colder than normal. >>> a popular diet pill being pulled from the shelves. the serious health concerns now being linked to it. >>> and breaking his silence. the football player at the center of a bullying scandal is telling his side of the story. why he says everyone has the wrong idea about him. >>> and wild cat attack. we're learning much more about the woman that died at an animal sanctuary and her dedication to big cats. >>> stocks hav
" set in los angeles. he's stan verrett. i'm neil everett. we're doing this without shock sheets. full of video. you go. >> colts and titans on thursday night football. coming off the loss to the rams at home. in the second half, just put this one away. they were trailing 14-0, in the first half. luck, keeping it himself, running in for the touchdown. and then, donald brown with the first two-touchdown game of his nfl career. colts beat all three vision opponents on the road. up by three games, they take it 30-27. 14 oh, man. what a game. up in oakland. the thunder have yet to beat a team that made the playoffs last season. golden state got way behind. russell westbrook says let's bring this back. takes the lead with 2.3 seconds left. that's how we do it. andre iguodala says this is how you do it. a little defensive miscue by the thunder. and it's oklahoma city, struck down. getting iguodala with it. warriors, undefeated at home. what an exciting one-point win. >> western conference pretty exciting. >> yeah. >> on a nightly basis in the nba. >> i'm wearing sweat pants. >
, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. >> get my chair. >> pull up your chair. there you go. a big night of college basketball in chicago. neil's going to start off with the number one and number two teams in the country. we have one and two and four and five. julius randle, orange julius. 27 points, 13 rebounds. he didn't have a very good first half. here's the play of the game right here. branden dawson. the putback. and number one, kentucky, downed. sparty beats them by four. >>> top two incoming freshmen in the country. duke, facing off with kansas. and duke up three. under 1:30 to go. wiggins. off the turnover. put it on the line, as well. 22 points, 8 rebounds for him. and kansas gets the win, 94-83. >> perry ellis was a team with points and rebounds. but he's a sophomore. >> only freshmen -- >> can't be a sophomore phenom. only a freshman phenom. >>> that's all we got. >> yeah. usually they count down in our ear how much time we have left. that's it. >> we'll take it back. yeah. >>> we rarely cover horse racing her
and stan at espn. >> welcome to the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. he's stan. i'm neil. "monday night football." >> some controversy there at the end. show you what happened when the patriots and panthers got together in charlotte. cam newton. >> i thought you were going to do the -- >> i'll do it now. newton, 25-yard touchdown, wrapping up an 83-yard drive. but the patriots have tom brady. down in the red zone. looking for rob gronkowski. but you see the flag there. officials threw it. apparently for pass interference. that's what brady thought. and then, they waived it off. they said the pass was uncatchable. so, the panthers hold on to win it, 24-20. they pick up the flag. brady wanted an explanation. didn't get one to his satisfaction. panthers win it. >> ear muffs there at the end. >>> oklahoma city, kevin durant. thunder hosting the nuggets. durant, 38 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists. stops and pops with under two minutes to go in a tie game. and then, well, can't have durant without having -- oh. he had a double-double. with a double-crossover. russell westbrook, seven assists. >
. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in phoenix, los angeles, dallas, memphis and houston. >>> police in britain are investigating a shocking discovery. >> three women held captive in a home in south london for 30 years. a 69-year-old from malaysia. a 57-year-old from ireland. and a 30-year-old britton who is believed to be born in captivity. it's similar to that of ariel castro who kept three women captive in his house for ten years in cleveland, right under neighbors' noses. >> they had rooms they could use. but they were very restricted on everything they could do. >> this morning all three of the women are in a safe place and said to be doing well. two people, a man and a woman, both 67 years old, are now in custody. >>> kennedy cousin michael skakel spending his first night out of jail in more than a decade. he is on bail in connecticut, while prosecutors appeal a ruling that granted him a new trial. he wants to spend time with family, including his son. if they lose appeal, they will put skakel on trial again. >>> a heartbreaking story from suburban minneapolis. two
this afternoon. while in los angeles, he took time to meet with the family of the tsa officer killed at l.a.x. airport earlier this month. in addition to visiting relatives, the president also met with the tsa officer wounded in that same attack. >>> and just hours earlier, the president was speaking at a community center in san francisco. he was talking about immigration reform when he was interrupted by a heckler. >> as a nation -- >> i need your help. there are thousands -- >> that's exactly what we're talking about here. >> you have a power to stop -- >> it won't be as easy as just shouting. it requires to get it done. >> the heckler, an undocumented college student from south korea, wanted the president to use executive powers to top departing illegal immigrants. >>> new developments in the ohio rape case that touched off a national controversy. the school superintendent and three others were charged with lying or failing to report child abuse. the charges are linked to the rape of a nearly passed out 16-year-old girl by two steubenville high school football players. the players were
, america, from the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. he's stan. i'm neil. and, man, we had three nfl games on thursday. we're going to show you two. >> i hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving meal to save room for this. this is the ravens and steelers. jacoby jones takes the kickoff here. and it looks like he might go for a touchdown. and he eventually gets run down. but he says mike tomlin's presence on the field, caused him to break his stride. and tomlin, with a little smile as he might have gotten away with something. but no smiles after the game. steelers couldn't convert a late two-point conversion. and they go down to the ravens, 22-20. >>> tony romo, 5-1, on thanksgiving day. he's mr. november. he changed into a football uniform from that suit to take on the raiders. then, he handed the ball off a lot. de marco murray scored three times. matt mcgloin said, let's tie this thing up. brandon carr. cowboys, 31-24. dallas, 7-5 in the nfc. >> the cowboys wait for romo to turn into mr. december or mr. january. >> yeah, the opponents are. >>> hey, have a great friday. >> back to you. >> and w
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)